Faq – Help About Chopper Motorcycle Parts

Lisa asks…

Will this stuff work with my x18 super bike. Superbike?

I have an x18 super bike. I want to know how many led lights i should put on so it’s noticeable at night. im getting these. Also are they hard to put on.


Also i cant really see the speedometer good at night. So i was thinking of getting led speedometer gauge. Would this one work on mine?


also would this alarm system work with my bike. And would i be able to remote start it and and remote shut it off.


also what should i get to make it go faster

Chopper Motorcycle Staff answers:

What you have is a X-18 super toy and I doubt if all of that stuff will work on it and who is going to steal it out of your yard. Do not kid yourself read the fine print they may not be legal on the street everywhere.

Thomas asks…

I don’t know if I should buy a Motorcycle?

I’m headed to college, and I’m going to have a part time job thats going to require traveling… And I thought “Maybe a motorcycle would be good!”

My wealthy cousin offered to loan me her IronHorse chopper, but its too much responsibility and not for me…

I’d like a nice starter motorcycle… I hear they are also good on gas…

What would be a good, Safe and reliable motorcycle to drive?

I really don’t care about speed or looks, but it has to be affordable…

I just want something that wont fly off the express way…

Thanks, and please help!

And where do I get my motorcycle license?
Thanks Andy Pandy, thats really smart thinking :)

Chopper Motorcycle Staff answers:

By the tone of your question you probably shouldn’t buy a motorcycle. I’m not trying to talk you out of it but to justify spending the amount of money to own a good motorcycle you need to know that you really want one.

Steven asks…

I need a good source for a novice building a motorcycle?

I picked up 2 frames one is a sporty and I can get a book to rebuild that one, however the other is some type of chopper frame the seller said it was a paco frame but I can’t find any info my big concern is of the parts I have there is a strange suspension set up in the rear. it’s a solid frame BUT the rear tire mounts to two floating brackts that ride vertically along a post and supported by springs.
Mostly I would like to know where I can go because I think I’m going to either need a maunal for the frame to know what fits it or I’m going to have to get TONS of custom parts and that as we all know gets expensive

thanks for any help

Chopper Motorcycle Staff answers:

That’s called a “plunger frame” They used to be fairly common on Brittish choppers like Triumphs. AFIK Paughco never made one but Amen Savior used to make them for Hondas and Harley Ironheads. There’s some photos of them here:


What year is the sporty? (if you’re not sure you can find out here:
http://www.harley-performance.com/harley-vin.html )
Are you restoring the Sportster? Or turning it into a chopper?
If it’s a pre 1985 and you’re restoring it you can get some help at this Yahoo Group:


If it’s a pre 1985 and you’re building a chopper out of it you can get some help at this Yahoo Group:


You can also find some good info here:

Courtesy of Y!Answers